Eco Notepad: four years to reach the age of reason!

Published on 01/07/2021

Eco Notepad celebrated its fourth birthday in December 2020: we’ve published nearly 200 posts in English and French and our readership keeps on growing! 2020 was a reminder of just how important it is to have rapidly available, relevant information in order to make sense of economic events as they happen.

Olivier Garnier (Director General Statistics, Economics and International at the Banque de France) sums up the Banque de France’s blog in three figures: in the 4 years since we went live we’ve published nearly 200 posts and are now attracting up to 2,000 hits a day. He also underlined the blog’s other activities, such as the competition it runs for students (click here to see this year’s awards and the winning posts) and the satisfaction survey it carries out to better meet the needs of readers.

Results of the 2020 satisfaction survey

Readers gave the blog an average satisfaction rating of 7.9/10 in 2020, as in the previous year. The wide range of themes covered appeared to meet their needs: the level of satisfaction was high, as reflected in the high scores given to individual topics (8.6/10 for posts on monetary policy and 8.4/10 for those on economic growth and development). Over the coming months, the blog should focus further on topics such as green finance, sustainable development and the global economy.

In 2020, Eco Notepad published posts explaining the economic consequences of the current health crisis. These attracted high numbers of hits and were generally well-appreciated by readers, who gave them a score of 7.9/10.

On the whole, readers were very pleased with the content of the blog posts and especially the quality of the analysis, and found that they helped them to better understand the current economic debates. They were also very satisfied with the format of the blog, although they said the browsing experience could be made smoother and the blog posts could be better publicised on social networks.

Eco Notepad wants to improve further, to better meet the needs of its diverse and global audience. This is the challenge we have set ourselves for 2021.

We wish you a very Happy New Year 2021!!!

The blog team